Our popular Best Friend's Program now lasts from the day you purchase it, for one calendar year! Start enjoying the benefits by signing up today!

Many of our guests come to Easton Mountain several times a year. Some plan their leisure time for the entire year ahead of time, others are more spontaneous. Some come for one or two weeks for our summer camps, others like to come for several weekends during the year. If you would like to come to three or more of our programs in the next 365 days, then the Best Friends Program is for you. For a full year (from the date of purchase), it gives you one price for every Easton Mountain program you can fit into your schedule.

By becoming a Best Friend of Easton Mountain, you will:

  • Enjoy MORE of Easton in 2018-2019!

  • Get a nice discount. More bang for your buck!

  • Help Easton Mountain sustain its operations during the winter season.

Which Easton camps are included?  

ALL of them!

  • SUMMER: Kink Odyssey, Freedom Camp, Gay Spirit Camp, Bear Your Soul Summer Camp

  • WINTER: Winter Gay Spirit Camp, Bear Your Soul Winter Hibernation

Is the program only for camps or are other events included?

You can attend other Easton Mountain programs, including:

  • Singles Weekend

  • Easton-sponsored weekends with various teachers

  • Our most popular event; Hail the New!

  • And more to be announced

How much does it cost?* As a “Best Friend,” your accommodations are guaranteed:

  • Camping / Commuter $1,995

  • Garden Cabin $2,295

  • Quad $2,995

  • Semi-Private $3,495

Are there any other benefits? 

  • If a better room or accommodation is available at check-in, we will give you a free upgrade.

  • If an event you are trying to sign up for is sold out, you will get priority on the wait list.

  • Bring a “newcomer” friend to any of our Easton sponsored weekend programs for just $99. If you've been wanting to introduce someone to the magic of Easton, this is your opportunity!

*As with any good deal, some restrictions apply

  • Certain programs require a workshop leader's approval to attend.

  • Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • You don't get a refund if the program you want to attend is full, or cancelled, or if you are given a lesser accommodation because the accommodation you selected when you became a Best Friend is sold out for the program.

  • When a retreat is repeated during a calendar year, you get to attend once as a Best Friend.

  • The Best Friend promotion doesn't include personal retreats or additional days before or after an event. For these, there will be a nominal charge.

  • This offer does not apply to outside group rentals (like the Body Electric programs).

  • If you would like to bring a “newcomer” friend to a longer program, please contact us for a discounted rate quote.