Andres Cordero Recalls His First Time at Easton Mountain

Andres Cordero

My first visit to Easton Mountain was in the summer of 2012 for the Body Electric School’s In the Garden of Life.  I journeyed to Easton Mountain with a brother I met at an earlier workshop, who was familiar with Easton. The journey there was magical; we rode the train to Albany, where we met a man who transported us to the Mountain. Once there, it was one of the most healing and deep experiences in my life. Having the opportunity to explore and commune with nature, to eat healthy food every day, and to be taken care of, helped me to focus on my personal growth work. Easton is truly magical. I look forward to returning every time an opportunity presents itself, as the grounds hold so many memories of my journey to transformation. At Easton, I’ve experienced authenticity, love, connection, depth of exploration, and healing. I always invite others to visit if they are seeking a place to learn and grow.

Andres is a facilitator this summer at Eros Spirit Camp.