Candy's Corner - Edge of Glory !

“Sitting, reminiscing after a truly beautiful Edge of 17 retreat, full of gratitude for the amazing generosity and community support,  and hope for the future! Thank you to all who make Easton Mountain possible!”

Edge of Glory

photo by Dave Dietz

photo by Dave Dietz

Warmed heart watching hugging men
Knowing we’ll come back again
Together to this sacred space
Honored, heeled, we take our place

A mission driven work of art
With feisty men and tender heart
This loving home we’ve come to know
To play, to feast, to cry and grow

Awakened from our sleep at last
Sparkling eyes, freed from our past
As glitter laden paths await
Inspired we welcome in our fate

Like a flower gently held
Ever unfolding to our world
A sanctuary from the droning noise
Delicious, daring, sexy boys

This land, these men, their hearts and story
Standing on the edge of glory
Gifted to future generations
For rainbow warrior celebrations

A mission driven pulse that beats
Inside our hearts, in each retreat
Your contributions really matter!
A big kiss of thanks from Candy Rapper


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