Farewell to Joseph Casan, EM Director of Community Resources

Joseph has been with us for about year, starting as a volunteer and taking on multiple roles in the EM community, including Director of Community Resources, Membership Director and Volunteer Coordinator. In the past year, Joseph has brought new energy to many of our community programs. He has helped to revitalize our community dinners, spearheaded a new membership newsletter, and nurtured our volunteer program. A creative and innovative problem-solver, Joseph has helped to optimize EM operations, positively impacting our programs.  His open, kind, and respectful collaborative approach has left an imprint at Easton which will continue to resonate in the coming years! Joseph has decided it is time for him to move on to new adventures. He leaves with gratitude for his time here and is happy he could contribute to our mission. He is planning on relocating to the Troy/Albany area in March. We look forward to welcoming him back to visit in the future! Be sure to wish him well! 

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