Finn Deerhart Talks About Bringing Together Spirit & Sexuality

Check out this video, where Finn talks about the meeting of Spirituality & Sexuality in his life & work!

 Finn Deerhart is a sex and relationship coach living in San Francisco, who has followed a deep inquiry about how sex and spirit intersect in our lives.  He believes that as gay and queer men, we have been divided in sex and spirit since our arrival on the planet and that we are always trying in some way or another to put these severed pieces back together again. He says” I love creating both group and private coaching experiences that are curated to facilitate active engagement with shadow and our desires so enlivened by it. I believe that as we uncover personal truths, we also contribute to our collective healing as a queer community. I bring 14 years combined experience in social anthropology, wellness coaching, spiritual counseling, sex & intimacy coaching, and personal development.  

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