You probably think a lot abut intimacy, but you may not realize that you're doing it. You're thinking about how you can get a hot date for this weekend, or your thinking about calling up your boyfriend, or your thinking about going out to a gay bar or bath house.  What are you really thinking about?  It's intimacy.

Jason Tantra, in a recent video, explores intimacy and comes to some surprising conclusions.  He includes "exploring the parts of myself that even I don't know yet." as a part of intimacy.  But think about it, can't finding a part of yourself you hadn't recognized also help you be more authentic with others - and especially with those you find attractive - those with whom you want intimacy.  Listen to what Jason is saying here.

Jason and his partner, Ingo, will be at Easton Mountain August 7-12 for the Tantra Love Festival.  Join them and discover how you can have more intimacy in your life.   And by the way, there are only three beds left in semi-private rooms.