Meet Dave Allen

Most of our regulars - the men who frequently participate in Easton Mountain's programs - know Dave Allen. He's led programs for us, taught for Body Electric, and been part of the leadership of the Gay Coaches Alliance, which has it's annual conference here.

Sunfire first met Dave Allen in 2005, when Dave facilitated the Body Electric program, Power Surrender and Intimacy. So impressed was Sunfire by Dave's ability to create a dynamic retreat that he signed up for that program in 2006, 2007, and again in 2008 - as well as participating in a Body Electric weekend intensive, Dear Love of Comrades, also led by Dave Allen.

At that time, Sunfire was not aware of Dave's career as a Life Coach - but it should not be surprising that the skills of coaching one person should translate well into a workshop environment. Dave has said "My vision is a world of men who love themselves and lead lives of integrity, are comfortable with their desires and exercise their passions. In loving their complete self, including their erotic self, they create deep, intense, loving connections with self and those they call buddy, friend, partner, family and community."

Here's a video where Dave talks about his coaching - but everything he says about his philosophy of coaching also applies to his leadership in workshop situations.  He pays special attention to his work around the erotic in men's lives.

Dave Allen is on the faculty of Easton Mountain's Gay Spirit Camp, July 30 through August 5, 2018.

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