History of Bear Your Soul retreats at EM

photo by  Dave Dietz

photo by Dave Dietz

Over the past five years, Bear Your Soul retreats have brought a vibrant community of men to Easton Mountain to create community, heal and celebrate body diversity. As we approach Bear Your Soul’s 12th Easton Mountain retreat this January, it’s a good time to look back and see just how this all started in the first place. Here's a video in which Bear Your Soul organizer Freddy Freeman (aka Goldenheart) describes how he first came to Easton Mountain and how Bear Your Soul came to be !

In January of 2013, under Freddy’s guidance, Mountain Bears' Weekend became Bear Your Soul. For that retreat, he and his husband, Jay, created a new ninety-minute workshop on self image and self acceptance, "Loving Your Bear Body." They have taken this workshop to bear runs in Provincetown, Indianapolis, Lexington, KY and other cities - spreading the message of self acceptance and deep, authentic relationships - and thus furthering the mission of Easton Mountain to be a "positive force for change in the world.”
Since then, Bear Your Soul retreats have grown to be held three times a year, nurturing a talented and dedicated team of peer leaders, and introducing many new men to the wider Easton Community.

This coming year (2019), The Bear Your Soul team will host: Bear Your Soul Winter Hibernation (January 18-21, 2019), Bear Your Soul: Summer Camp (August 29-September 2), and a new addition to the Bear Your Soul Family: Bear Your Soul: Spring Fling (April 12-14, 2019),

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