Self Realization and Leadership

Circle of men in a tantric workshop

There are many ways to describe Easton Mountain - but one element has been part of the mix - self realization.  We come to Easton Mountain seeking to know more about ourselves, our place in the world, and our relationship with others.

The teachers who come to Easton Mountain, who make our programs possible, all have their own stories of self realization.  They guide us on a path they have trod themselves, and they acknowledge that they are still on their path of self realization,

Four days ago, ten men completed their first module, "Ecstasy and Orgasm," of the Tantra Teacher Training Program led by Jason and Ingo Tantra.  Here's a video by Jason that gives some idea of the path that he is following - a path that has given him the self realization necessary to lead a program like this.

Jason and Ingo will return to Easton Mountain August 7 for the Tantra Love Festival.  Join them and further your own quest for self realization.

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