The Power of Touch


Why do we seek touch? What does touch give us that other senses don’t?  Touch gives us a kinesthetic sense of our bodies, a felt sense of our connection to ourselves and to others, a sense of where our bodies are in time and space.  Touch is like a food that feeds us.  As so many of us spend so much of our days in front of computers and with various kinds of technology, we can get very engaged with our heads and with our thinking processes. Sometimes, we can feel like a brain walking around with a body.  Touch can remedy this. Touch helps us to re-connect to our bodies, to feel our bodies, helps us to remember to breathe life into our bodies and touch also helps us to let go of stress, the holding of which can make us feel further disconnected.  Touch also communicates a sense of caring and that you are connected to another, even as you are connected back to yourself. Touch is a form of self-expression. We get to choose how we express our caring and acknowledge our common humanity.  Everyone has a body.  Each body may look a little different and feel a little different from another body.  When we touch or massage, we get to practice compassion for another being’s humanity.  We get to let them know that they are not alone through touch.   Words don’t always need to be spoken. Touch itself can convey volumes. In the work I have done with men over the last thirty years, I have seen time and again where men come in to my office feeling anxious, stressed, tight or tense, or disconnected. Then, on my table, with my hands kneading the tension and stress out of their muscles and relaxing their minds and bodies, men often report feeling lighter and better afterwards.  Blood circulation is improved, a sense of being at greater ease within the body is present, and there is a renewed sense of vitality and grace. I heartily encourage each of you to continue to explore the healing power of touch in your lives, whether it be through hugs, a touch, or sharing massage 

Arnie Katz is a Boston-based massage therapist, bodyworker, workshop facilitator, and certified professional coach. He has been dedicated to serving the health and well-being of people, animals, and the Earth through professional caring touch and enthusiastic wellness promotion for over 30 years.  Arnie will be teaching his 5th full-length workshop at Easton, October 25, 2018-October 28, 2018. It is called “Soulful Touch” and is a unique opportunity for a touch immersion experience. You can learn more about this program at:  You can learn more about Arnie’s work at

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