The Surprise of the Weekend

by Arnie Katz

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Eight men gathered at Easton Mountain for my second weekend workshop in “Exploring Conscious Touch”. As I planned the workshop, I included many opportunities for the participants to have safe touch within each man's personal boundaries: massage, playful exercises, puppy piles - all done with nurturing, holding, cuddling, and presence drawn from seven years of experience with touch practice. They explored and enjoyed sensual and erotic touch in new and more conscious ways. Accompanying their journey were over nine hours of music carefully selected for this experience - music that:

  • opened their hearts and souls
  • supported the healing of their bodies
  • shifted and uplifted their thoughts, feelings, and moods
  • inspired their spirit to know who they really are.
  • connected them in unique ways.
  • allowed them to dance, move and have fun!

    The surprise of the weekend was watching the way this new group of men bonded so quickly, cared for one another, and supported each other in growing. After the workshop was over, I heard how folks missed each other. Some of the participants have continued to stay in touch with and to form new connections and new ways of supporting each other. This has been very gratifying for me. My intention is always for people who attend my workshops to have take-aways that include tools for self-care that help to make their day-to-day lives a little sweeter, a little better, a little easier.

Here are three quotes from men who participated in the weekend:

“You created a super safe container. I had a wonderful time connecting with myself and with every man in our group. I feel like I grew significantly because of you and the opportunities created.”

“Positive reinforcement of being naked with one’s self and especially with others, in a safe, non-judgmental, love-focused environment.”

“The building of an emotionally charged container was handled beautifully by Arnie. Sharing and being open in a small, intimate group exceeded any expectations. Arnie’s love, caring and positive energy for the experience was the highlight for me.”

I'm grateful to all the men who participated and graciously shared their feedback.

Arnie will join with co-facilitator Shawn Bercowitz in a new workshop, Create Connection Now: Journey into Oneness and Deeper Connection - November 10-13, 2017.

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