Tim Cooley

Tim Cooley thought early in his life he might become a priest. Five years of Carmelite seminary convinced him otherwise. Becoming a member of an ensemble theatre company was another rewarding path explored, followed by teaching school and doing social work. When massage entered his life, he connected with a vocation that suited him beautifully. He has continued to explore the wonder of body/mind/spirit connection as a licensed massage therapist for over twenty years. Yoga has been an integral part of his whole adult life. Eventually he completed yoga teacher training (Interdisciplinary Yoga, as developed by Don and Amba Stapleton), motivated mainly by a desire to deepen his own practice. Soon afterward, he was given the opportunity to teach yoga and has continued to do so ever since. He feels totally blessed to be able to share his yoga, massage, and life here at Easton Mountain Retreat, a place he literally fell in love with at first sight.